FAQ Elementary School

FAQ - What is the procedure if my child is sick and can’t attend school ?

Call the school +1 (246) 429-4120 and leave a message that your child will not be attending school. The next day put a note in your child’s Agenda explaining why they were absent. If your child is absent for three or more consecutive days a doctor’s note is required upon return.

FAQ - What do I have to do to remove my child from school during the day for an appointment of some kind ?

Call the school before 8:30 and advise the office when you have to pick up your child. Also put a note in your child’s Agenda. Once at school, report to the main office and we will arrange for your child to be brought to the office.

FAQ - What do I have to do if I am late in the morning ?

If you arrive after 08:30, you are late. You will have to park and escort your child to the main office and get a late slip.

FAQ - When am I allowed to enter the school grounds and what procedure do I have to follow ?

Other than drop-off and pick-up times all parents must report to the main office and sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass before entering any area in the school.

FAQ - What happens if my child becomes sick during the day ?

They will be assisted to the main office. You will be contacted and asked to collect your child.

FAQ - How do I arrange to meet with my child’s teacher?

Use the agenda planner or the teacher’s email address to request a meeting.

FAQ - If I have met with my child’s teacher and still have concerns, what can I do ?

Call the main office and request an appointment with the Principal.

FAQ - Are staff allowed to administer corporal punishment?


FAQ - How are students disciplined?

We have a progressive discipline approach. For further information, refer to the school handbook.

FAQ - How is my Child evaluated? If I have concerns who do I see ?

Your child is evaluated by their classroom teacher who in turn discusses their progress with the Principal. If you have concerns, speak to the classroom teacher.

FAQ - If I currently have a child enrolled at the school, does his/her sibling have preference over other new students ?

Yes. Please contact the school as early as possible to give us the anticipated admission date.

FAQ - Do you accept children with Special Needs ?

Yes. However, an entry interview must be arranged. The Principal will determine if the school is able to meet the child’s needs. In certain cases, an Educational Assistant may be an entry requirement.

FAQ - How can I get involved with the PTA ?

Contact the PTA chairperson at [email protected]

FAQ - How can I volunteer at the School ?

Contact the PTA at [email protected]

FAQ - Is my child automatically enrolled for the next academic year ?

No. Returning student applications are sent home in Term 2. These must be completed and returned by the deadline stated.

FAQ - If my child has a specific allergy, how does the school safeguard my child ?

A letter is sent home to the child’s class with specific guidelines and information regarding the allergy. All faculty are informed of the allergy. Information is also included in the monthly newsletter. We strongly encourage all families to speak to their child regarding not sharing any food items with other students.

FAQ - Does my child require immunization prior to entering school ?

The Ministries of Health and Education require each student to be immunized. These immunization records must be verified by a Medical Practitioner in Barbados. More details on immunization are available in the main office.

FAQ - Where do I park when I arrive at the School ?

Morning: Parents are asked not to park in the morning, but to use the ‘Kiss and Ride’ programme (roundabout in front of the main house). We will assist your child from there. Afternoon: Parents can only park in the parking lot near the playing field.

FAQ - What is the purpose of dress down days and why is there a charge ($2.00) ?

Dress down days give the children a little variety and change. The monies raised go towards the After School Programme.