FAQ – Secondary School

Please note the answers contained herein do not constitute policy but refer to policies. They are only intended as a quick reference.

What is the procedure if my child is sick and can’t attend school ?

Call the school (621-7768) and leave a message that your child will not be attending school. Alternatively, send an email to Head Secretary or Principal to explain absence.

What do I have to do to remove my child from school during the day for an appointment of some kind ?

Call the school before 08:30AM and advice the office when you have to pick up your child. Alternatively, please send an email to the Head Secretary or Homeroom Teacher. Once at school, report to the main office and we will arrange for your child to come to the office.

What time do I have to drop off my child in the morning ?

Between 07:30AM and 08:10AM

How do I drop off my child in the morning ?

Drop to main entrance of the school.

What do I have to do if I am late in the morning ?

If arriving after 08:15AM you are late. Instruct your child to report to the main office to sign in.

When am I allowed to enter the school grounds and what procedure do I have to follow ?

Other than drop-off and pick-up times all parents must report to the main office and sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass before entering any area in the school.

What time can I pick-up my child after school ?

You can pick-up your child at 3:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. If your child is in an extra-curricular program and you have to pick him/her up early you notify the office. When you arrive at school we will assist you in getting your child.

How do I pick-up my child after school ?

Park in the parking lot and proceed to the main office if your child does not see you and come to your vehicle.

What happens if my child becomes sick during the day ?

Your child’s classroom teacher will determine if your child needs to go to the main office. If they do, they will be assisted to the main office. If it is determined that may just need a small nap, they will be taken to the medical room. If it is more serious and it is determined that your child must go home, we will call home and indicate your child must be picked up. When you arrive at school, go to the main office and we will assist you.

If my child is sick for several days what do I do ?

If your child is sick for more than one day, you must call the office every day that they will be away. If it is 3 days, on the third day of your child’s absence, we require a Doctor’s note to re-admit them. We ask that if your child is showing signs of being sick, please don’t bring them to school.

How much homework should my child have ?

Your child should have homework. How much will depend on their age. See the Homework Policy.

If I need to see my child’s teacher how do I do that ?

If you need to see your child’s classroom teacher, call the office or e-mail your request to setup an appointment. Teachers are not allowed to meet with parents in the morning without an appointment, as they must prepare to start the school day. Appointments are more easily facilitated after school.

If I have met with my child’s teacher and still have concerns, what can I do ?

Call the main office and request an appointment with the Principal and Teacher.

If I have a concern about something in general, who do I contact?

Call the main office and request an appointment with the Principal.

Are Teachers / Staff allowed to administer corporal punishment to the children ?

No. Teachers and Staff may on occasion have to intervene between children but they can’t hit any child.

What happens if my child gets in a fight or some kind of mischief? Could he / she be suspended / expelled?

Yes. We have a Progressive Discipline Policy and we take Discipline very seriously. Please refer to the Discipline Policy in the School Handbook.

How is my Child evaluated? If I have concerns who do I see?

Your child is evaluated by their classroom teacher who in turn discusses their progress with the Principal. If you have concerns then see the classroom teacher.

Does the school go on field trips? If so how are we informed and what is the procedure ?

Yes. Classroom teachers are allowed to request field trips aligned with the curriculum of study. Parents will be notified one week in advance (as much as possible) via a Field Trip request form that will give the required information.

If I currently have a child enrolled at the school, does his/her sibling have preference over other new students ?

Yes. We will do our best to accommodate a sibling at the school but we don’t guarantee it. We are looking at certain ratios such as numbers, gender and if the child requires special assistance.

Do you accept children with Special Needs ?

Yes. There are limits to the number of children we can accept. More details are available in the Admission Policy and Exceptionalities Policy.

How can I get involved with the PTA ?

Contact the PTA chairperson at [email protected] – Ms.
Heather Laughlin.

How can I volunteer at the School ?

Contact the Principal. Please note we will require a police certification for all volunteers helping out at the school on a long term basis.

Who do I speak to regarding the school curriculum ?

The Principal.

If I wanted to suggest a change to the school calendar how would I do that ?

Contact the Principal.

How are the extra-curricular activities setup ?

We attempt to offer a wide range of activities and encourage parents to sign the child up to a variety of activities over the year.

If I wanted to suggest a new extra-curricular activity how would I do that ?

Contact the Principal.

Does the school have department heads ? If so, how many and what is their role ?

No, given the size of the school. However we do have a Principal’s designate, Ms. Tamara Adams.

If my child’s teacher is away what happens to that class ?

We attempt to call a substitute teacher in. The regular classroom teacher will call in the lesson plan and the substitute teacher will follow the plan. On occasion it may be impossible to obtain a substitute so the class will be attended by another staff member.

How does the school select the substitute teachers ?

We interview all prospective substitute teachers and attempt to select the ones we want based on their qualifications and teaching experience. We always give preference to certified teachers or teachers with considerable teaching experience.

If my child’s teacher has to leave the school how is that handled? How are we informed ?

If your child’s classroom teacher leaves the school during the academic year, we will notify the parents affected as soon as possible. Ideally the new teacher will work with the leaving teacher for 2-3 days to become accustomed to the children and the curriculum. If the teacher cannot give a long notice, a new teacher will be hired and they will work closely with the department head and the Principal. Upon the school becoming aware that a teacher will be leaving, the school will notify all parents involved and meet with them.

Can my child bring Pop / Soda and candy to school ?

This is your decision as a parent. Please be aware the school promotes a healthy eating program. The school will discuss behavioral patterns of the children, if we believe the unwanted behavior is linked to food intake. (candy and soda).

Is my child automatically enrolled for the next academic year ?

No. Returning student packages are sent home in January for parental completion. If there are discipline concerns, the Principal will meet with the Parents to discuss the School’s concerns.

If my child has a specific allergy, how does the school safeguard my child ?

A letter is sent home to the child’s class with specific guidelines and information regarding the allergy. All faculty are informed of the allergy. Information is also included in the monthly newsletter. We strongly encourage all families to speak to their child regarding not sharing any food items with other students.

Does my child require immunization prior to entering school ?

The Ministries of Health and Education require each student to be immunized prior to commencement of the year. These immunization records must be verified by a Medical Practitioner in Barbados. More details on immunization are available in the main office.

What is the purpose of dress down days and why is there a charge ($2.00) ?

Dress down days give the children a little variety and change. The monies raised are donated to a charity at the end of each year.