Book in the Bag – Elementary


Jennifer Wosminity

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What is the Book in the Bag Reading Program?

This program is an initiative designed to encourage children to read daily and to develop a love for books and reading.  The Reading Room, which is upstairs in the red chattel house, is home to over 2000 books spanning 16 levels of difficulty. Parent volunteers are responsible for issuing the children books on a regular basis and assisting the teachers of Reception, Infants A and Infants B by listening to the children read aloud.  Students in Junior 1 and 2 read chapter books on a more independent basis exchanged by the volunteers.


How does the program work?

  • Each child is assessed and put on the appropriate reading level by their teacher.
  • Children are given a reading folder with a reading record card.
  • Volunteer parents issue new books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (and less frequently for children reading longer books).


What reading scheme is used?

The reading scheme we use is the Oxford Reading Tree. The Oxford Reading Tree is used in over 130 countries across the world because children love the characters and want to read about them.


The role of the parents at home 

The parent’s role is simply to listen to the children read their book and enter a comment when it has been read. If we can find a way of making this a special time, the children will want to read more and more and their competency and confidence will grow.

All parent volunteers in the Book in the Bag program share a common belief in the importance of our emergent readers reading every day. Reading is the foundation of all learning and provides a lifetime of joy and enrichment.  We’re committed to helping all Providence children get the support and encouragement they need. We look forward to working with you and the teachers with this common purpose.