Curriculum – Secondary School

Curriculum and Instruction

The Caribbean Examinations Council syllabi are followed at Providence Secondary School and the courses available are the Liberal Arts Courses that one traditionally associates with a University Preparatory School.

The curriculum studied at the Form 3 level is purposely extensive, so as to give students an introduction to as many subjects as possible. This is intended to assist them with their course choices for Forms 4 and 5; the CSEC years. At Providence all students study English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Spanish, one Science subject, one Humanities subject and can then choose courses from the Arts, P.E. or Business to accumulate 8 courses. Each student must carry a full timetable.

Our more advanced students may be recommended to write the English Language CXC exam in the third term of their Form 4 year. This would mean that they advance to the Communications Studies course (a Cape course) during their Form 5 year. This would only be done with students we feel are capable of doing the Add Maths course in their Form 5 year. Note that the school would register its students and is only done if the student demonstrates the capability of passing successfully.

A curriculum outline of the year’s studies in each subject is generally provided at the Curriculum Night. This is held near the beginning of each academic year and parents are asked to keep this document safe and at hand.

In addition to the books that our students purchased, the school has class sets of books for students to loan to supplement the program. Please note that we expect the books to be returned in good condition for use during the following academic year.