After School Programme – Elementary School

After school activities offered vary from term to term. As such, the items below may not be current. Please contact the school for an updated list of activities.

Pupils will work on a variety of Art and Craft activities using a wide range of materials. These may include drawing, painting, three-dimensional sculpting, weaving and investigation of found materials. Projects will be a mixture of teacher and pupil led ideas, and usually run for one or two sessions. These sessions are designed to develop children’s artistic skills, creativity and confidence in various art form(s).

This club gives the children an opportunity to participate with others in ‘good old fashioned’ board games and jig-saw puzzles. A whole host of familiar games are played, from Connect 4 to Monopoly and draughts to Uno. Some games the children like, and some games they don’t – but they’re always willing to give something a try.

Students will be exposed to different Microsoft Office software such as Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Windows Movie Maker. They will learn how to effectively and creatively use these programmes to produce Brochures, animated PowerPoint Presentations and Movies.

This club offers an opportunity for students to learn how to make healthy foods, snacks and meal choices. Proper nutrition and the importance of a balanced meal and healthy lifestyle will also be enforced. It also teaches the use of tools and how to be safe in the kitchen. Students will have an opportunity to experiment with new foods.

This class will involve building confidence to use movement to express themselves, use space, build flexibility, strength, technique, agility, co-ordination, control and balance through a variety of different dance styles resulting in a performance in the final week.

Students learn the basic rules of chess and board games, through a clever combination of creativity and game/puzzle work. Children will be taught step-by-step so that they build a foundation and love for the game and strategic play.

The aims of the club is to develop skills to be able to play tennis for enjoyment and competition. The skills developed are general ball skills and hand-eye co ordination, forehand, backhand, serving and rallying. Children will gain knowledge in the scoring of tennis in the mini competitions and also the rules.

Providence’s Cross Country afterschool programme consists of comprehensive activities and exercises to help students make running fun while developing important movement skills. The skill sets include pacing, posture & attitude, proper arm and leg running positions. All in preparation for our school’s cross country and the National Primary School Cross Country Meet.

This club offers children what they really want; time spent outside, actively learning and exploring in nature. Children will engage in active, hands-on experiences in the outdoors; including hiking, exploring, playing nature games, learning new skills and engaging in the new projects in the wild. Get your sunscreen and hats ready, for an afternoon of exploring!

Our football club for our junior boys and girls combines strength, stamina and footwork. The focus is on basic skills, drills and short games on our outdoor front soccer field. Sessions incorporate proper technique infused with fun, fast paced activities. These activities help foster confidence in team sports in a friendly and safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore their range of motion, foot eye coordination and enjoy the game.

This club seeks to equip students with all the necessary skills to play the modern guitar as well as deepen their appreciation for music. Students “aim high” and endeavour to develop performance skills and even the chance to perform in assembly. In order to attend this club, the children must have access to an acoustic guitar.

Our after school gymnastics club focuses on recreational gymnastics, which ensures that our students are gaining salutary benefits, both physically and mentally. It introduces students to the sport of gymnastics through games and movement based exercises. Gymnastics is a core sport which helps to develop student’s overall body management and motor skills. It is a great introductory sport for young children, as it works on all the basic fundamentals of movement and instils confidence in their ability to interact with other children in both social and physical capacities.

This afterschool club seeks to introduce and develop young athletes in the various Track and Field disciplines. Events include: long jump, broad jump, distance, sprints and relays. The programme builds basic physical skills in children while providing them with a supportive and fun environment in which to learn and become accustomed to competition. Students will reap the healthy benefits of being active while beginning to develop skills that are transferable to any physical activity that may wish to pursue later in life. This afterschool also aims to prepare students for our Sports Day and the NAPSAC competition in Term 2.

We offer pupils a calm and supportive environment in which to complete their homework. There are always teachers on hand in the club to help pupils and answer questions. By 4pm most pupils have all their homework complete so don’t have to do anything but relax when they got home.

Children love LEGOs. Children are natural engineers and LEGOs are basic building blocks. LEGOs are ideal for children to use to build their ideas because the simplicity of LEGOS allows for the children to be even more creative. Often times after completing a challenge they will explain different functions of each of the LEGO blocks. This means that even though the LEGOs do not have many specific details, the children use their imagination to define the functions of each block.

Puzzles are one of the most important activities for a growing to child’s mind, brain and cognitive development. This class uses a range of jigsaw puzzles, wooden blocks, building sets and mind teasers to get your children thinking fast and hard. Puzzles are a great educational tool that enhance hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, memory as well as promote cooperative play.

This club seeks to expose children to fun and exciting stories. Students share the joys of reading while also planning fun activities around them. Students will learn about the structure of a book, the writer and the illustrator. Following a question and answer segment, students engage in an extension activity that seeks to link book reading with art exploration.

Pupils will learn basic pottery making and decorating techniques through a series of exciting projects. They will make functional and decorative objects, some of which they draw and design themselves. Please note that work is fired off-site so the final project/s may not be ready for collection until the beginning of the following term.

This activity introduces the students to the joys of using acrylic paints. Paintings will be created on paper as well as other surfaces, such as bottles. The students will be introduced to a variety of different application techniques. These will include the use of brushes, application sponges and pouring techniques. The subject matter for their creations will be abstract in nature.

Providence’s after-school newspaper club provides students with the opportunity to further develop their writing and editing skills. They also practice interviewing skills, journalism, graphic design, publishing and editorial responsibilities. The students conduct interviews, report on school news and research international news. They also write articles, short stories and poetry. They participate in photography and prepare illustrative writing (comics), puzzles, brain teasers, riddles and jokes. The newspaper, which is called the P.S. Express, is published and shared with the school community on a biweekly basis.

This afterschool club seeks to introduce the students of our Infants’ Division to be the fundamentals of team sports. With a focus on building strengths in core sports areas such as catching, throwing and taking turns. This club also offers the kids a fun chance to play on a team without being too competitive!

This is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young Zumba fans, where they can play it loud and rock with friends to their own rules! The program features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids movin’ to the beat. Zumba for Kids is all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to just be yourself and dance like no one’s watching.

This club is an introduction to jewellery making. Students will learn various simple techniques to make beaded art, ornaments and jewellery.  The students explore and develop unique and wearable pieces made from beads, wire and other objects. In addition, they will develop their artistic skills in beaded art and jewellery to further their abilities for self-expression in the visual arts. As part of this club you will have beautiful bracelets, pretty rings, and lots of giggles along the way!

Road Tennis is the only sport indigenous to Barbados. It is a sport open to all. It requires no sport attire; bare feet are fine. With its fast, close volleys, it looks like table tennis outdoors … without a table. We are happy to be able to offer our native sport here at Providence!